Monday, September 29, 2008

Nursery is finished.. almost. And another trip to L&D

Here are some nursery shots...
We didn't really do a theme per say. We picked bedding that we like and built around it. We are both huge baseball fans but I didn't like the cartoon type look of the baby sports bedding that was out there. So we got a few vintage baseball pieces and hung them on the wall. We've got a really old Norman Rockwell lithograph that Jeff snagged at an auction that was just perfect for us. We haven't had a chance to have it framed yet, but it's on the list and for now, Jeff's got it stuck up on the wall. Then he manged to get a 1930's baseball mit which is hanging from the old bat made into hooks. So we'll keep adding to the room as we go, but for now it's a good start!
I meant to get this post up early yesterday however, I ended up in the freakin hospital again.
I woke up yesterday and my left side was so sore I thought I was going to die. It felt like I had pulled every muscle in my left side. And it was sooo tender when I put any pressure in one area. By later afternoon when my evening contractions started up, I was really in a world of hurt and went into L&D.
They checked everything (cervix fine, babies fine, contractions every 8-10 minutes). At the end of it.. they think that my uterus is pulling away from my body due to the weight and my body is fighting it. Not to mention that the 3 babies have basically all changed positions and the excess moving has put more strain on me. Has anyone had this happen? I just can't believe how much this hurts. Like I worked out for 10 hours and pulled every muscle in my body. I am now on full bed rest and we're going to seriously discuss hospitalizing me tomorrow at my Ob appt. Ugh... I think I am ready for that. I honestly can't take care of myself anymore!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

30 weeks!!!

30 week shots!
I did it!!!!!! Or.. I guess I should say that me and the 3 little monkeys did it!!!

We met our next really BIG goal. 30 weeks and 3 pounds + each!!!

I am really ecstatic about this. It's such a big milestone. We had another growth/weight u/s and bio physical profile appointment yesterday. It was great. The babies all still look just perfect and each of the babes passed their Bio profile in less than 5 minutes! This is really great considering that they give each baby 30 minutes to pass each of the tests and my tech told me that some don't pass till the 29th minute and they have to use outside stimulation. Not my monkeys! No one.. nothing can keep them still. Yes.. I am afraid of what they are going to do to us once they are on the outside.

Weights as of Monday, September 22:

Baby A: 3.6 pounds

Baby B: 3.2 pounds

Baby C: 3.8 pounds

I officially have 10 pounds of baby in me!

The only bad thing at the u/s was that they couldn't see my cervix. At all. They said it was more that they thought a baby was in the way then that it was gone. They called Dr. V and he said for them not to do the vaginal check and he would check me Tuesday.

Today we visited with Dr. V for my weekly OB appt. He checked the babies and my cervix. All wsa good. Again. Shock. I continue to be amazed that my cervix has held up this long. Dr. swears it is because the twins.. who sit very low.. are both breech and therefore, the pressure of having their heads down there is a non issue. He is now determined to see me stay out of the hospital till 32 weeks. I will be totally amazed.

On the flip side.. I can seriously hardly move. My whole body aches. The sciatic nerve thing is killing me. It wakes me up 2 or 3 times a night and makes walking really difficult at times. Sleeping is even worse. There is no way to get comfy so I usually end up sleeping in 1.5 to 2 hour intervals through out the day and night.

Of course it will all be worth it for 3 healthy babies who spend just a couple weeks in the NICU. And really, I can do this for 4 more weeks, right????? =)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

28 and 29 week Belly shots

The first shot is 28 weeks. Next two are 29!

I just keep getting bigger!

We had our first Bio Physical Profiles today and they went awesome! All the boys got their 8 points in a matter of minutes. They are watching each baby to be sure their hearts and breathing are good, their hands and feet are moving, head is measuring correct and moves. It was so damn cute. At one point, I got teary eyed. It was cool that they kept the ultra sound thingy on each baby for like 10 minutes so you could really watch them. I felt like a spy into their world. ohhhh Soooo CUTE!!

Cervix is still holding steady at 3.68. No change from last week! yeah!! I avoid hospitalization for another day!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Precious Moments

One of the reasons I started blogging in the first place was to record my thoughts and feelings. Of course, when I first started, it was about our struggle to concieve. I needed an outlet for my thoughts and feelings. Ya know.. cause my husband, friends, acupuncturist, therapist.. none of them were enough! LOL.

Of course in the end, I had hoped it would be a place to record what was going on in my pregnancy too. Thank god it is!

Tonight was just to precious to me to let it go by without writing it out.

I cannot stress enough how active these babies have been today. Today is 28 weeks, 5 days. I have been getting kicked every which way but loose! All. Day. Long. I think today takes the cake! They have been kicking me in many places I don't wish to be kicked for sure. And I don't know how many times I have gasped out loud due to a mighty baby blow. I honestly have thought about 100 times today, these monkeys are going to surely break one of the water bags in there clear out of me today.

And it really hit me: I could have them any second. These moments of feeling them inside me like this could really be numbered. Don't get me wrong. I am miserably huge and it's soooo hard for me to sleep or walk or.. do anything. But I was so sad and crying tonight to think that if they are born tomorrow I would never feel another baby inside me again. And certainly not my 3 monkeys. So I just sat on my bed for like two hours, holding my tummy and feeling every little move they were making. Trying to soak it all up. This is the best feeling I have ever had. Ever.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One year ago today....

Was a really bad day in my life. In fact.. one of the top three worst. It was one year ago today that Jeff and I found out that our second pregnancy was yet again.. ectopic.

We were suspicious from the start but were very hopeful as the the beta's were doubling perfectly. I went in for an ultrasound first thing in the morning and clear as day... there it was in my right.. and only remaining fallopian tube. My Dr. and I talked quickly as we knew what the most likely out come was going to be: Go directly to the hospital. Do not go home, do not pass go.. nope.. after the horror of the burst tube 9 months earlier, we were not going there again.

But I had one request this time since we caught it before it burst. Please please please do what you have to do to save the tube. Please do not remove my last chance to ever conceive again with out In Vitro. The Dr's agreed and said they would do all they could.

I came out of the surgery about 3 that afternoon to learn that they did not take my tube out. They took several masses of tissue that they had to believe one of which was the pregnancy. As happy as I could be in my anesthesia state, I was.

I slept all day Tuesday and went in Wednesday morning for a follow up to check my incisions. They also wanted to do a beta to be sure the pregnancy was gone and my HCG was on it's way to zero again. Because it wasn't 'urgent', I would get the beta the next afternoon. That was fine.
Later Wednesday evening, I came down with a splitting headache and threw up. Oddly.. it was exactly how I had been feeling the last couple weeks when I was pregnant. Something told me I still was.

Sure enough, I got the call about 4 on Thursday. My beta had almost doubled again. And the pathology reports all came back negative for pregnancy tissue. The baby was still in me. I was to report to the hospital first thing Friday morning. More surgery. This time, I was told the tube was coming out. It was to damaged to ever use again. Safely. I was just distraught, but I knew they were right. If I got pregnant again, I could be in this place for a 3rd time. I couldn't do it again. I just couldn't.

So they took my tube out and this my fertility and part of my women-hood. I know that sounds dramatic, but let's get real, it was a dramatic situation. I could hardly get passed that to morn the loss of yet another baby.

So that was one year ago today. Today, September 10, 2008, I am laying in my bed on modified bed rest 28 weeks and 1 day pregnant with triplets. Once again, the saying.. "what a difference a year makes" has held true. I kept trying to tell myself that last year at this time as it has held true for me before. It's hard to see through the fog to the light, so I try to be patient. It was a long 17 months to this place, but I am here. I am here with Jeff. But just because I am here, I certainly haven't forgot the road that led me here nor the 3 babies I lost on that road. I mourn them for sure. The "what if's"

But, in 6 weeks or less, Jeff and I will be parents.

We really really will.

28 Weeks

This is one of those milestone weeks that makes you feel a little bit better. Not a ton. But a little.
Had another level 2 ultra sound on Monday. The babies weighed 2.12, 2.7, and 2.9 so all and all I have almost 8 pounds of baby in me. Oh.. so that is why I am huge hey?

My cervix is also holding steady at 3.68. Dr. V was very happy with me this week. Even though I had my usual laundry list of complaints. Like.. my back is killing me, my tummy just kills at the bikini line when I stand cause the belly is sooo heavy. Belly is sooo hard when I stand I feel like it's constantly contracting or something. But I guess not. I am fine he says. Since I made it to 28 weeks and have not been admitted to the hospital again, he was like.. let's get crazy and shoot for 30 now! Sounds like a plan!

My MIL and step FIL came for the weekend. I think she felt bad about the whole crib bitch sesssion or maybe she felt bad cause I found out about it. Whatever.. she was clearly trying to make up for it. Took Jeff shopping and got us a bunch of stuff.

I also got a wonderful box in the mail the other day from tripletmom from the Mulitples board. Bundle me's for the trips car seats this winter and some fabulous premie boy clothes that were oh soooo cute! Thanks Kelly!! LOVE IT!

Last but not least.. the boys. They are still moving around like little monkeys. Holy monkeys! And the kick of all kicks so far happened the other night by........ my quiet one! Ben! That kick was so HUGE I gasped! It was unreal! By far the biggest strongest one of my pregnancy. Jeff also got to feel how Nate goes NUTS when I try to lay on my left side. It's non stop. He doesn't stop. I don't think Jeff believed me until he felt it for himself.

Ahh... the monkey love! This is the part of pregnancy that truly amazes me. I am soooo lucky!


I've been tagged! How fun! Thanks Rebekah!

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Ok.. 6 random things about me.. here goes nothing:

1. I've lived in 4 states: WI, MI, IL, FL
2. I wish I was young enough to be on American Idol
3. I once played basketball with Magic Johnson
4. I was once told by Disney recruiter that I'd make a great Princess Jasmine or Esmerelda if I was having trouble paying my bills
5. My knees are double jointed
6. I would rather work at Starbucks than my current job

ok.. I gotta figure out who to tag cause almost everyone on my list has been tagged already! Drat!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

27 Weeks..

Wow.. I can't believe that I am really 27 weeks. I am soooo thankful to have made it this far! I saw my OB today. I have to go every week now as really.. who knows. He did an u/s on the babies and they were looking great. They had been relatively calm the last couple days, yet still pretty active. Calm for them! Dr. V says they are probably getting a bit squished now. I said.. they still find a way to kick the crap out of me! Love it!

I passed the 1 hour glucose test so no gestational diabetes for me! yeah!!!! I didn't gain any weight this week. After my 5 pound loss of a few weeks ago and subsequent gain of 2 of it back, I am back up to a total of about 35 pounds. I am fairly certain a good 20 of that is my stomach alone and the rest in my butt and thighs!

My cervix is also still doing well. Amen. I know these things can change in a matter of hours but it's good to hear at this point. I think once I hit 30 weeks, I *may* breathe a bit easier.

I am sooo big now. It actually hurts to walk. My stomach is just sooo heavy. It's always tight too which makes it hard to breathe. I think this is the babies trying to stretch me out for more space. I feel bad, poor things! I haven't had any stretch marks yet, but I think my time is coming FAST.
Leaving the house is a total chore. I am becoming a total shut in now. We had a ton of people in and out this weekend and it was waaaay to much for me. So... that won't be happening again. Sadly.

Hard to believe that I will be a mom in 7 weeks or less! Holy Shit!