Sunday, September 12, 2010

The leaves are changing

It happens every year and it's happening again. I feel like it was just yesterday! I love seeing the leaves change. Fall is my favorite time of year for sure. It's always so beautiful on these fall sunny days.

So let's see.. what has changed at our house lately? Well.. what hasn't?

I always say I am going to be better about keeping the blog, and things should calm down, but I really mean it this time. Or rather.. hoping things calm down after the boys second birthday anyway!

August was totally eaten up by a couple things. First, my mom moved to be near us. This was a huge deal and practically as much work for me as it was for her. I had to help her search for a place to live, deal with the negotiations, $$, the hook ups, the movers, and last but not least, I had to sit on a Greyhound bus for 14 hours to get up to my home town to help her pack the uhaul and move. I then had to drive that freakin semi bus over the Mackinac Bridge and into Detroit. that was fun. NOT. That was how I spend a lovely 4 day weekend from work. In the 95 degree heat.

Once that was over, I had an even bigger situation to deal with. My job. I started my job last summer. I've never really been happy since for a variety of reasons. First, the work. It was not what I signed up for. Then the commute. If you are going to commute like that, it better be to something you love. Yeah.. see the first comment I made. On top of that, my husband has been traveling non stop and I've been single parenting alot. Alot. It was too much. At first we thought i might just quit and be a stay at home mom. I would LOVE that. And while we could get by on one income, we would be doing just that... getting by. And we are SO not used to that. So we made the decision I would look for something closer to home. And I did. And I found it. To say that I was kissed by an angel in this situation is an understatement. I got so lucky with this opportunity, I couldn't even question it and I jumped on it. I started my new job this past Monday!

So.. on we go to the fall and we march towards the boys 2nd birthday. They are a true joy and the joy grows everyday. We are in the stage now where we are learning a new word every hour. That everything has a name. It's so exciting to see them learn and discover daily. And I am so happy my mom is here to enjoy it.

I am in the thick of planning the boys birthday party. This year we will have a Yo Gabba Gabba theme and are having it at a children's play gym. Should be so fun for all the kids. We can't wait!

I stop and think daily how lucky I am. I'm healthy (fat but otherwise healthy!), my husband, children and mom are healthy. We have a great house with a beautiful new kitchen being installed, and great, amazing jobs. I have to pinch myself!

Saturday, July 31, 2010


I really do have to be better about writing on this blog if for no other reason than to remember what my boys are doing every day. And every day it's something new.

My boys have been slow to talk. Well.. not slow so to speak but not fast. They started with words around a year with the typical momma dadda stuff. Progressed on in different ways and each has had their own set of words. My boys are clearly more physically developed than alot of kids. Especially for high order multiples who were almost 7 weeks early. They hit all their milestones on track or early. I cannot keep them still. They climb everything. Run everywhere. Are doing stairs like champs. So the words thing has been a little slow to come on.

Until now.

We are in the middle of the "explosion" I was told would probably happen sometime before their 2nd birthday. Some of the favorites are:
What's that?
Where is it?
Nate is quite good at singing the ABC's with the Leap Frog table
They love the Eee III EEE II OO from Old MacDonald song
Itsy Spider
and I have taught them to do 1...2... THREEE!!!!

And all of a sudden, it's like they understand everything. They *know*! One particular really awesome thing happened the other night. I was yelling at our dog Bailey and Alex got up and went over and started petting her and saying "Bailey". We were shocked! He knew exactly who Bailey was! The boys love the dogs but we didn't really know they knew them apart. So we said Alex.. where is Kali? He immediately went over and pet Kali. We asked "where's Ben?" He went and bopped Ben on the head. Of course we asked.. "where's Nate"? Went right to Nate. Then we asked.. where's Alex? He marched over to our entertainment center, bent down, looked at his reflection in the glass and pointed at it. We were dying! Amazing this kid! He is so freakin smart he scares us sometimes!

Besides that, they now only want to drink out of certain sippy cups and will shake their heads no until I offer the correct one. Lord help me. They can put the car back up on top of our roller coaster out in the backyard with no help. They have a battery powered car now that they can steer and push the gas peddle all on their own. Seriously.. they are growing up before my eyes.

Which of course I don't want them to do. I want to freeze them where they are now. Maybe this is why I have an appointment with my RE to talk about an FET in two weeks?????????????

Tuesday, June 8, 2010



It’s a nice word but it doesn’t quite adequately capture what I am to have my boys in my life. It’s nice.. but it’s not strong enough. Humbled.. overjoyed… I don’t know. All of those words maybe. Of course, I’ve pretty much felt this way since the moment I pee’d on the stick and found out I was pregnant. Especially after the ultrasound when I saw them and heard their heartbeats. And with each day that goes by, and I get to know them better, I feel this way all over again and x’s 1000.

I am still reeling for my friend on the loss of her son. I read her blog yesterday and it sent me into another crying fit. She talked about how she finally did laundry and came across the clothes she was wearing the last time she held him. And there was a drool stain on her shirt from him and how she couldn’t bare to wash it. I don’t blame her one bit.

I still can’t wrap my brain around what has happened. Every day I see her siggie pics on our chat board with her son still there (of course) and I still can’t process that he’s gone. Or maybe I just don’t want to and if I ignore it, it will go away. But then I read her blog again. Or I see her most recent Facebook status. And I know it’s real. It really happened.

My sons are exactly one month younger than he was. I look at them every day and think.. what if? What if that were me? Yes, I know my sons are healthy and at this time, there is nothing to lead me to believe something will happen to one of them. But it’s hard not to ask yourself those questions and relate. This isn’t just another faceless person I read about in the daily paper obituary or heard about on tv. This child had a name and a face. He had two beautiful sisters and loving parents. He had a monkey shirt and match box cars.

I’ve survived a lot of crap in my days. But.. I don’t know if I could survive that. So I’ll continue to think of and pray for this family that somewhere out there, there is peace for them.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Another loss

I have spoke often of my MoMfia. My group of multiple moms. Our group is about 150. 100 really active in the group I would say. Today, May 21st was supposed to be a day of celebration. We were going to be celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the creation of the chat board that brought us so close. The Bump is actually where it all started. On their multiples board. But this private board that spun off from there is where we all call home now.

We're family.

With 100+ women, we don't always get along, like each other, or agree. But one thing is for certain, when push comes to shove, we are family and we rally around each other. Today, was supposed to be a day of celebrating that family. Instead, we are a grief stricken family in mourning.

Yesterday, a member of our family lost her 20 month old son, JW. JW was born at 27 weeks due to loss of amniotic fluid, which severely compromised his lung development. He was on oxygen since birth, but otherwise, a very happy normal child. JW caught a cold and it progressed. He did not recover. We are all devastated. Devastated for the loss of this beautiful child. Devastated for his mother and father and two sisters.

And... my family is reminded of those we've lost before. Not that we don't think of them always, but on days like this, those memories wash over you like high tide slapping you in the face. JW is the 5th child lost in 15 months in this group of 100 women.

I've been trying to make some sense of this all day and I really can't. I know people say everything happens for a reason, but over the last couple years, I have come to think those words are horse shit. Really? There is a reason JW is no longer with us? There is a reason children die at the hand of child abusers and of cancer or other terrible diseases? No.. I cannot see a reason for that. The only conclusion I come up with is that sometimes life really sucks. It's horrible and tragic. And it's just not fair. How do you go on? I truly hope I never have to find out, because knowing and caring about the people who are forced to figure that out is almost more than I can take.

So for tonight, I will count my blessings. Hug my boys tighter, love them longer, look into their eyes one more time. And I will never complain when they wake up in the middle of the night, are sick with a cold, or have pooped through another outfit. At least I am lucky enough to have perspective. And to be able to hug them whenever I want.

Dear Blog

I am so sorry I neglect you! I just don’t know how to keep you fed and happy with all kinds of fun stories about my kids. You are a great idea in theory. It was the place to write my feelings about my infertility. Then my pregnancy and now.. my boys. But man.. you are low on the totem pole of priorities. Perhaps someday, we can have a better relationship. Till then..

Yes, once again, I’ve been neglectful. So much to do so little time. I am waiting for a lottery win so I can stay home with my boys! Let’s see.. what has been going on…

Well. .the boys had their 18 month appointment and they are tall and skinny again:
Benj: 24 pounds, 33 inches
Nate: 25 pounds 34 inches
Alex: 24 pounds 10 ounces, 34.5 inches

No wonder I can hardly keep pants on them! Good lord! I have been worried about that recently as they decided to go on an eating strike. For about a week, I literally watched them throw food on the floor for every meal except breakfast. So I was like.. what do I do? Keep throwing every kind of food I have in the kitchen at them until they find something to eat, or start feeding them pancakes and scrambled eggs for every meal!?!? They did pick back up this past weekend so who knows. Such is the life with 3 toddlers. It is not the first time we’ve had feeding issues and I have a feeling this will not be the last time.

My mom visited for a week and that was nice. They boys LOVE her and she is such a great grandma. Talking and feeding and hugging and playing and new toys and new clothes… what else could three little men ask for? We really wish we could convince granny judy to move down by us so that we could see her more often.

The boys really seemed to have a language explosion too. All of a sudden they’ve gone from their typical few words to mimicking everything we do and say. Lord help us. I just know my kid is going to be the first one on the playground calling some other kid a douche bag.

Me and Jeff have also been busy as heck. Jeff’s job is pretty out of control lately, but they’ve finally recognized it and are giving him a market adjustment in his salary. I am really happy for him… and the fact that my new kitchen is now on it’s way! But the London trip does seem like it is about to be a reality. Also consuming my time is the fact that our new nanny has not worked out. That’s a whole blog post in itself and I am sure any MoMfia members who are reading this blog are sick to death of listening to me bitch about it. So I’ll just say.. I had to do the search and interview process that I love so much twice in 2 months time. Gotta love it.

One other great and exciting thing is that I’ve recently been “found” but an amazing group of triplet mom’s. Yes, tis true that I am in a couple multiples groups already, but this one is triplet moms and the best part is, many of them practically live in my neighborhood. We all got together a couple nights ago and I am already loving my new found friends. In fact, do I have any friends anymore who do NOT have multiples? LOL

Monday, March 22, 2010

NOLA and 17 months!

There has been some fun lately! I went to New Orleans!!!

I've been a part of a public message/chat board for several years now dating back to my wedding planning days. Once I became pregnant with the boys, I started chatting and asking questions on a multiples chat board. Last spring, some strange things were happening a couple of the girls decided we needed more privacy. So they, weeded through the board and invited certain people to be a part of the private board. I am so happy I accepted! I really couldn't have imagined what this board would become to me. It's women from all over the country and not only do I get amazing advice from women who have been and are in my situation with multiples, but it's support, friendship, and camaraderie like you can't imagine. They understand. They don't judge. Really.. it's the best.

We joke that it's our own little "Fight Club' We now affectionately refer to ourselves as the MoMfia.

So.. The MoMfia had it's first ever national get together. What does stink for me is that there is really no one else on the board who is local and there are several areas of the country were many of the women live so they can see each other regularly. But this was for all of us. It was so exciting since I've "known" some of them for years. But still.. I was nervous arriving alone and meeting them for the first time!

But it was just like I thought it would be! When my cab dropped me off, I was met at the door with screams and open arms by two of my oldest and dearest friends from the group. And it felt like "home". There was no awkwardness at all! When I decided to go, one of my friends immediately said that I would be in her room. So I ended up with the NY/NJ girls! (and one hottie from PA). I had to laugh, I think I came home with a slight Jersey accent. LOL

We had the best time. 31 of us stayed in a big old victorian house just a block from the French Quarter. We ate in all the famous restaurants, went on a swamp tour (I held an alligator!), went on a haunted house tour, drank to many hurricanes, ate too many beingets, stayed out too late, danced too much, and stayed up waaaay to late talking like we were at a high school slumber party! I felt almost 21 again! Almost!

I had the best time and can't thank all the girls enough for their friendship and support. Can't wait till 2011!!

And those boys... who could forget!?!? They were 17 months on Saturday. wow... just wow. They are getting hair! I said to Jeff.. I can't call Alex a baldie anymore! He really has hair! LOL For their 17 month birthday, we celebrated by basically buying them a new wardrobe for summer and 3 new pairs of shoes each. These little monkeys are expensive! But they will be well dressed this summer! Also for their birthday today.. we all got to go to the DR. and get antibiotics and breathing treatments. We are all sick again. And this time, I am knock me out wanna die sick. I haven't been hit this hard for awhile. I even missed work today

But.. looking forward to Easter and grandma Judy's visit. We're having my family over for Easter Sunday dinner and I can't wait to host. The Easter gifts are all bought and the baskets are ready to be stuffed. Or.. overstuffed. I've gone a bit nuts. Pictures to come!


So it's been a month again. BAD blogger! Well.. my life has sort of been in a tailspin the last month and boy time just slips sometimes. The boys were sick the pretty much the entire first two weeks of March. And instead of them all being sick at once, it went in a cycle. First Ben, then Nate, then Alex and repeat Nate and Alex. Oh.. and throw me and Jeff in there too. Translation? I didn't sleep more than a 2 hour stretch for almost 2 weeks. It was brutal. The highlight was Alex's trip to the ER with what I was sure was going to be pneumonia. He sounded AWFUL. Seriously awful. The rattle of his breathing was so scary. But after several hours in the ER and a couple breathing treatments later, we narrowly escaped admission and were sent home with our very own nebulizer. Nate was also the lucky recipient of these treatments beginning the next day.

I think the worst part is going to work and trying to be functional like this for an extended stretch. Not to mention my commute. And there has been just sooo many things going on. Jeff's been traveling or working late alot. I have felt like every minute of my days and nights have been consumed lately. The boys, work, Jeff, the house, the dogs.. oh.. and interviewing nannies, phone screens, reading add responses. That's what I've been doing in my spare time. I've found that even minor chores like paying the bills were slipping. To sum it up.. I'm overwhelmed a lot these days. But what could go? nothing. Really. Nothing.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Chase....and 16 months!

That's what we call it now. The Chase. The Chase is on!

What I am talking about is what has become the new obsession in the house. They loooove to chase each other. In the last couple weeks, we've noticed that the level of interaction between the boys has risen to a whole new level. What started out as rolling over onto one another, a few smiles here and there, then progressed to stealing toys and heartbreaking screams when watching the brother now happily shake the toy that was just in my mouth or seeing my pacifier in the mouth of running away brother, has now turned into..... play!

OMG. it is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Jeff and I just sit and watch and go.. Omg!! look at that! OMG... look at them...OMG!!! how freakin cute is that!!! We are like little kids watching for the best fireworks on the 4th of July. LOL

They love to chase each other. When one is in a crib still and another is outside of it, they will hold toys and pull them away. They will stand on either sides of the crib so they can see each other through the bars and just sit there and... laugh at each other. Seriously.. there is nothing cuter in the world. THIS is sibling love. THIS is amazing. Tonight, if I didn't know they really aren't capable of such a thing yet, it was actually like Alex and Nate were playing hide n go seek. Nate was running from Alex and trying to get on the other side of the rocker and when he got there he peeked out and Alex saw him and run after him. Nate burst into hysterical laughter and Alex did too. Again.. I just stand back and watch and think I am the luckiest mom on earth.

Ben has had a rough weekend. He isn't feeling good. I think it's more teeth. He's had an off and on fever. We did all go to Kindermusic yesterday and I was really worried if we'd make it. Or he would. But.. he was the stinkin star of the show! He was happily the instructors example baby for the entire hour! Running around charming everyone. But.. still.. he's out of sorts. They all love Kindermusic though. Jeff and I just laugh.. it's a TOTAL workout for us. Up and down.. chasing boys.. bouncing, dancing, singing.. we come out sweating!

Other than that.. not much else to report. We had our first weekend with no company in 4 weeks, so it was nice to have some peace and family time. Jeff and I got a nice take out dinner on Saturday and had some wine. And now it's back to the grind tomorrow.. Monday. yukk!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy happy... and just.. happy.

I feel like I just blogged a post on here yesterday. I sign on only to find out it's been two weeks! Where o where does my time go? So much for my new years resolution of keeping this up better! HA

The boys are awesome. We had our 15 month appt this past week. A bit late, but better late than never. I couldn't do it the week they turned 15 months or the week after due to the fact there was absolutely no possible way for me to have missed work. Work is... INSANE. And it will not let up. In fact, it's so crazy that the project that was supposed to be handled by solely me and my boss, is now acquired two more people and they are looking for a 5th. HA. So much for best laid plans on that one. So.. yeah. I'm waaay busy at work.

The boys did amazing at the appt. Of course, this time, I had help. I took our nanny with me. After going it alone to the 1 year appt, I swore I was never.doing.that.again. Not only was it a train wreck for me to try to undress.. talk to the Dr... dress.. get shots for three screaming boys, but they made us wait in the waiting room for 20 minutes, then 45, once we got in the room. hello people... are you NUTS??? After awhile, I gave up and let them tear the room apart. I had no remorse over it either! LOL

So the Stats:
Nathan: 24 pounds, 8 ounces. 32 and 3/4 inches. Just about 50th percentile in weight, 80th in height
Benj: 23 pounds 6 ounces. 32.5 inches. 20the percentile in weight, about 50-75 in height
Alex: 24 pounds 4 ounces. 33.5 inches. 40th percentile in weight and off the charts in height!

Dr. Diagnosis?


Jeff thought for sure Nate was a "25 pound turkey" as he calls him. I didn't think so. And I'm actually suprised Alex weighs that much he is SOO skinny. Talk about chicken legs! Now if only I could say I was tall and skinny these days... humm...

Other than that, they're doing great. A bit of runny noses and LOTS of teething. I've gone to work on 2-3 hours of sleep a few times over the last couple weeks. oy. But judging by the fact I now have two boys with all 4 molars and another 2.. AND three boys with a canine poking through, it's easy to see why that it. TEETHING SUCKS!!! I got to work from home 3 days this past week due to weather on their Dr. appt and we are off tomorrow for Presidents day. To say I am thrilled to have had extra time with them is an understatement. I can't get enough of those cutie pies!

Last weekend was my birthday and what a hoot that was. My BFF came from Kalamazoo with her partner and together with them and two other couples that we have cause trouble with in the past, we all went out for dinner at one of our old time favorite restaurants and then out to martini's at another old fav. What a great freakin time! OMG. we were out till 1am and I haven't been that drunk in YEARS!! But it was sooo worth it!! Unfortunately, it made me basically non functional on my actual birthday, which just happened to be Super Bowl Sunday. But.. we all got up, my BFF and her partner stayed here.. got Dunkin Donuts, lounged around and played with the boys (who remained in their pj's that day!) and then got Chinese take out for the game. I was in bed early needless to say. wow.. But again.. it was a fabulous birthday surrounded by some of my most favorite people. Wonderful..

For Valentines weekend, we hosted a party. It as so great! I've met some really awesome women through one of my mom's of multiples groups. This one is local and we had a few other couples.. spouses and babies.. all over for dinner last night. There were babies and toddlers everywhere holy moly! I'm so glad we have to space to host our friends like this and are already planning for the next one. Especially since the kids were eye'ing up all of our play structures in the yard!

Last but not least.. what has me so happy today are a few things. First.. of course my family is amazing. How did I get choosen to be the mother of these boys? I am humbled daily that these are MY children. I can't stop staring at them. Second.. I have great husband. He'd never met most of the people we had over yesterday, but he welcomes them openly and makes sure he talks to everyone. He loves having people over and expanding our social connections. He ROCKS. And he's cute! LOL And of course, my friends. So glad to have some really great women in my life right now. I honestly think that is just another reason I was chosen for triplets. Through my MoM's groups, I've met some truly amazing women. Multi tasking queens. Real inspirations.

But what made the weekend even BETTER?? The two boys I've been asking for prayers for? Well people.. it's working! Baby J is being fed through a G tube only. That means he's getting food in his tummy for the first time in MONTHS. And he's not vomiting! He really is doing well and his quality of life improves daily. This is HUGE for him and his family as when he thrives.. everyone in his house thrives!!

And Baby G.... He was released from the hospital today after 3 weeks of too much scariness without TPN (TPN = IV feeds)!!!!! This really is a miracle. He his now taking food into his intestines like a champ. He still needs to start really gaining weight, but this is THE step in the right direction that he needed to take. Not only is this amazing for him, but thank goodness he and his mother can go back home to be with his brothers and sisters.. and 4 days before his 1st birthday. I can't even type this without some major tears of joy falling. That said, continued prayers are needed for his continued stability and weight gain. In the case of both boys, I think it's equally important to pray for the wisdom and guidance of their Dr's. That they are led to the best solutions for these boys.

And.. with that.. both of their mothers are planning to be in New Orleans for our MoM gathering and I can't wait to hug both of them!!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Because I needed something else to do...

Yes.. I've added something else to my weekly routine: I joined a gym.

Ugh.. I used to be in good shape. Used. Then infertility, a bunch of surgeries, a triplet pregnancy, trying to raise the triplets. I look like shit. I don't even recognize myself sometimes. I hate it. I've been toying with it for awhile now and this weekend, I took the plunge and did it. I decided not to join the fancy gym. It wasn't to expensive, but for what I want to do right now, the little gym was enough and it's waaay cheap! I just want to go, get on the eliptical or the treadmill and zone out to my Ipod or a magazine. I don't want to be bothered. My goal is 3 times a week for 45 minutes on the machine. I'm going to start slow. But I am so happy I did it!

And what was the incentive you ask? Everyone has one for joining a gym right? I have three. As I said above, I need to look like me again for my own good. 2nd, I have three boys and I want to be able to run with them, ride bikes with them, whitewater raft with them, go on rides at Disney with them. I want to do everything with them and not be ashamed to do it. And 3rd.. I'm going on a trip! YAHOO!!!!

My big excitement right now is that I am going to New Orleans in March! I am leaving the husband and the boys for the first time. Hell.. I am leaving the STATE OF MICHIGAN for the first time sine May of 2008 (how pathetic is that.. but I've been a bit busy). Anyway.. I am going to a get together for a Mom's of Multiples group I am part of. These girls are just the best. I've known some for quite awhile as they were part of my infertility chat board and due to the fertility treatments, some of us are mom's of multiples now. And other's, I've got to know in the past 7 months since this group started. I am so attached to them, I don't know what I would do without their daily support and understanding of raising our babies. There are 32 of us at last count spending a long weekend in the Big Easy. I've never been and I could NOT be more excited!

And what is going on with the boys this week? hum.. they are of course, still the BEST.

Benj is running like a mad man. He loves to make his mean face (puker lips, curl nose, and snarl!). He's so funny and he always laughs after. He's been saying "cat" (odd.. we have dogs!), "sad" (not sure why?) "cup" (probably cause Alex won't let him play with his cups!). He is still such a mama's boy. He literally melts into me when I pick him up. He has 3 molars now for a total of 11 teeth and the canines are peeking through!

Nate Nate is still my sweet angel babe. He's been having some sleep issues lately. Ben went through this back in November. I think it's the teeth. grr. But it has resulted in me being at work on like 3 hours of sleep 4 times in the last week! He has 2 molars and we think the others are going to pop any second. He has BIG news this week.. he's been saying A, B, C. non stop! Just the first three letters.. he doesn't go further yet. But all the time.. A.. B.. C.. so stinkin cute

Alex.. ahhh.. the X man. Everything this week is Yeah. Alex.. were you bad today? "Yeah". Alex... did you bite your brother? "yeah" to funny. His newest obsession is getting on the couch and running around it. His brothers are now getting into it too. yippee.. NOT. So seriously.. every night, we have "couch time" where we let them sit and crawl all over the couch (we have a big sectional so it's got a lot of room for all)

Last but not least... Mom and dad.. aside from the gym news and some sleepless nights, Mom (me) finished her hell week at work. My client was on site all week. It was tough on me.. and the boys. I did not get home before 7 every night. And later on the nights we had to take them out to dinner. I am still going to be swamped, but at least I can resume my prior schedule: work.. go home be mom.. turn computer on when babes are in bed. ugh... And dad.. finished the play room. Jeff did an AMAZING job on our spare room turning into triplet wonderland. Now, I just have to get the art for the walls and it can be photographed. Seriously.. our boys now have two huge areas.. one on each floor of our house to run and be wild! yeah!

I want to end my post by still requesting prayers for baby G. As humans.. we all have it in us to feel for a sick child. But this child is so adorable, (as is his twin brother) and his mom is just so nice and has so much on her plate: Baby G, his twin brother, and two other children at home and is spending countless weeks in a hospital far away from her other children and husband. And baby G gave us all two very big scares this week and I know all the prayers are helping him and his mother keep strong!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Playing Ketchup

Where or where does my time go? Every time I vow to take better care of this blog, I blow it. I just can't find the time. And right now, I am just got back from running an errand (more milk) and am scarfing down some food before the boys wake up from there nap. I have 15 mintues max. GO.

The holidays were nuts. The boys were all sicker than sick the week before Christmas. I had one of my "4 nighters" as I know refer to them. It seems that whenever all thee of my boys get sick, I do not sleep for 4 straight nights. That is about as long as it takes them to go from almost sick.. to sicker than sick.. to less sick... to.. just got cough up this last bit of snot... to finally they are so exhausted that they will sleep. 4 nights. It's always 4 nights. I do ok up through night 3. Night 4. I hit the wall and practically fall apart. I had to work during two of those 4 nights. That was fun. And the last one.. we had to get up to leave for an 8 hour drive to my mom's for Christmas. I let Jeff sleep and took the big offender or that night, Nathan, down to the living room to cry it out with me on the couch. Then left him there (in a pnp) and had to go fish Alex out. The only sleep I got that night was 90 minutes in the rocker with Alex on me.

Then there was the trip home. What. a. fucking. nightmare. My usually good travelers were so sick. They screamed about 5 of the 8 hours. And Alex was so upset at one point, he threw up all over himself, the car seat, the car.. we had to pull over on the highway so I could clean him up. We were both crying by that time. If it had been anything other than Christmas, we would have turned around.

Then.. once at my mom's, the weather was so bad that none of my family living more than 30 minutes away even could come home. It was SO bad.

We had a rather uneventful trip back thank god. We were happy to wash Christmas off of us this year.

Since Christmas, one word has taken over for me and Jeff: w.o.r.k. It's been really awful. Since New Years, I've worked an average of 55 hours a week. Weekends, evenings. And I'll be there a good 60 hours this week. And Jeff.. ugh. He's been traveling almost every week which leads me to single parenting at night. And.. on the weekends, he's been slaving away creating a play room paradise for the boys. But again.. as a result.. more single parenting. And there's now a 90% possibility he will be taking on a new project... in London. That will require him to be gone for a week to 2 weeks at a time probably 5 times this year. And that could start in the next week. But what do you say? Is his line of work.. you don't say no. There are thousands of unemployed automotive engineers. But they want him. They're promoting him. His job is on fire. SO.. he'll go and I'll shut up and try to juggle it somehow.

oh! the boys.. omg.. every day they amaze me. They are all walking and have been for gee... over a month now. I can't believe it! They are 15 months now. The sweetest, cutest things ever. They are still with our nanny, although.. she'll be leaving us in a few months when her semester is over at school so we have to figure out what we'll do AGAIN for childcare. We also just started Kindermusic classes and are have been doing lots of play dates and have a play date every weekend for the next few weeks. We/I am looking forward to hosting a group of my mom's of multiples at our house for a Valentine party in a few weeks. We have a great group of us that have become really great friends so I can't wait! It is sooo nice to have a group of friends who are in the exact same situation you are and understands the demands of raising multiples, working.. all of it. They don't pass judgement or expect the unrealistic from me either.

Last but not least.. as I hear a boy talking upstairs.. Please pray for baby G again. I cannot stress to you enough how badly this little man needs every prayer he can get. Besides my own children, I worry for him like I am his mother. I pray for him night and day. He and his family have had an awful time lately and things are very critical. Please.. light a candle, say a prayer. Something.