Sunday, January 16, 2011

A new pledge

So here it is the 16th of January and I am just updating this. I don't expect anyone still checks this cause well... I suck at updating. This has been the longest stretch ever. But life really did get away from me.

To make a long story short, the fall of 2010 was beyond nuts. A couple main things contributed to this. First, I started a new job. And I started at the worst possible time of the year. 4th quarter. When EVERYTHING is happening and changing in my industry. To say I was thrown into the deep end of the pool and told to swim... SWIM FAST is an understatement. Still... it is THE job I've always wanted and I hope that this is where I am to stay for the rest of my working days. I'm giving it my all and then some. On the work note.. my husbands job has been just as nuts and not only do they keep sending him on these little jaunts to Toronto for 2-3 days every other week, but they've started adding London every couple months for a good 7-10 crack. Hello single parent hood.

Next, we moved my mom down to live by us. It's been a blessing and a.. well.. I don't think curse is the right word. But.. a challenge. I now feel responsible for her happiness since she doesn't know anyone here. She's been a HUGE help to us and the biggest thing is that she now gets to see the boys a good 4-5 times a week. And let's face it, if it weren't for her, Jeff and I would probably never have a home cooked meal these days.

Last but not least, the boys. Da Boyz. Ah... my little miracles have been a challenge. I thing I trace it back to this stomach bug they caught in August. It completely destroyed their sleeping habits. That on top of a constant parade of sinus infections, ear infections, blah blah.. their sleep.. well.. it was shot to shit. And thus.. so was mine. The first two weeks at my new job, I went to work on 2-3 broken hours of sleep both nights. Not good for anyone, and I have to be ON. My job is high profile, high pressure. That pattern pretty much continued on until last week, I started putting my foot down and we went to sleep re-training boot camp. Things have gotten a bit better and I'm hopeful they will continue to improve.

I also think some of this directly relates to the fact that... well... they are 2. And they're professionals at it! Tantrums, toy stealing, pushing your brother down, jumping on brother, stalking brother for toy, looking at brother the wrong way.. OMG. Jeff and I agree on one thing: we actually feel more challenged by them now than when they were newborns. That is one bold statement!

Anyway.. if for nothing else, I have decided.. promised myself.. I will update this blog if only if it's 2 lines at least 4 times a week. Every day there is a new word, a new sentence and something that makes us laugh. Here are todays:

Alex: Alex was playing his electric guitar today. Daddy was pretending to head bang. He taught Alex to say ROCK N ROLL!!!! Hilarious.
Nate: Heard the above.. also yelling ROCK N ROLL!!
Nate: I always call Nate.. Na Nate. I don't know why.. but I do. I say it in almost a singing voice. Today... I called him that and he answered back with.. Na Nate! (insert his singing voice!)
Nate: Sitting eating dinner and Ni Hao Ki Lan was on Nick Jr. Part of one of the songs she sings is "we'll figure out (pause) what to do!" Nate: Figure out... what to do!" Hysterical!
Ben: Do you want to eat Ben? Ben.. BEN EAT!!!

Other milestones today:
Nate and Ben: They went to church for the first time! We sat in the cry room. They were well... kinda awful. We'll try again. Want to thank my lovely Heather for the text after church that I provided her with all the entertainment she needed during church watching me from the outside as I ran around the cry room after the crazy twins. I laughed when I saw that for sure!

Alex: while we were at church, Alex and his daddy went on a date. Home Depot. Alex held tools! They were real men! Then.. what do real men do? They go to McDonald's for a burger!

All in all great Sunday for the boys!