Sunday, May 25, 2008

Loving the modified bedrest!

Here is a picture of the belly at exactly 12 weeks..
Can you say huge? What the hell am I going to look like at 20 weeks? 30??
Anyway.. really loving the modified bedrest thing. Can I stay like this for the rest of my pregnancy please? I LOVE that I was told to take it easy. I.E. sleep, nap, rest, watch tv, read.. AND.. I can still get up to go to the kitchen, walk around for a few minutes every hour or so. But rest. I have loved it. I have even hardly been on the computer. It's been nice not the be tied to the computer. While I am really enjoying the relaxing, I have no desire to go through the bleeding episode again that got me here.
I have also found this week that the menstral-like cramping is back full force. I had plenty of this in the beginning at about 6 weeks. Then again at about 8-9 weeks. And holy crap. It's worse than ever now. I am assuming the trips are having a growth spurt but it doesn't do anything for my peace of mind. Especially when you add the cramping, to the continuous leakage of the progesterone suppositories on top of the fear of blood. Yeah.. good cocktail for total freak out neurosis 24/7.

I have ventured out of the house a few times now. Friday, I went to get a few groceries. Saturday, I went to Babies R Us to look into/buy bedding. Jeff and I have only been looking at gender neutral bedding with high hopes that the trips are a mixed bunch. I never really thought I would find GN bedding that I would love. I figured I would find something I could live with. But we did find someting we loved AND we completely agreed on!! Well.. I wanted to add it to my registry but Babies R us is fazing the line out. Of course. So we decided to buy it now and if we do find out the trips are all boys or girls, we'll just return it.

Here is the link to the bedding and model of our nursery as we stand today:

Saturday night, we also went to our friends, Mark and Sonja's. They gave us our first baby gift! Rattles, pacifiers, and a picture frame for ultrasound pics from the 3 trimesters. Sooo awesome!
Other than that, we did more cleaning today. Probably more than I should have again, but I stopped after like an hour this time and went really slow. And here I am in bed relaxing again!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The First Scare

So..I had some major drama this week. I should have known this pregnancy was going along to smoothly that something had to happen sooner or later.

I had gone out to eat with some friends after work and went to the bathroom at PF changs just as we were leaving and everything was fine. I got home sat and talked with Jeff for about an hour. Went upstairs and was going to lay down and relax so I went to the bathroom again. I always wear a panty liner cause of the progesterone supps and this time, the panty liner was full of brown blood and a bit of red. But full. Just like that.. in an hour. But I didn't seem to be bleeding right then.

I of course FREAKED called the doctor. He says.. ok.. no work tomorrow, go to bed immediately and stay off your feet. Come in at noon when I get there and we'll do another ultrasound. Not to urgent since the blood was all brown and I didn't think I was bleeding then.

woke up at 3am to pee. Nothing. No blood. Woke up at 6am to pee. Blood again. and a small clot. Then I really FREAKED. Hysteria sets in. Going to ER. Call Dr. again, he says come to office at 7:30, he'll meet me there, it will be faster. What a great Dr. to go in and meet me when he sooo did not have to!

Go in.. get pelvic exam. He says no active blood. Just brown old blood. Get ultrasound (mind you, I am sobbing hysterically at this point) all three babies moving and ticking hearts beating away.
Diagnosis? Well..threatened miscarriage caused by a few things:

1. Irritated cervix from many growing pains
2. broken blood vessels
3. growing pains forced out old blood
4. placental irritation.

No way to tell for sure. One thing is for sure.. It was my wake up call to SLOW down. My Dr. said.. You are not to continue life as normal. O.V.E.R.

So.. I am on house arrest/modified bed rest until next Tuesday when I go back unless something happens that it gets worse. No work until next Tuesday.

I am exhausted from my hysterics. I slept all day Tuesday after I got home from the dr. I've been so tired and exhausted that maybe this really was my wake up call to slow down for sure. No more acting 'normal'. I really needed a break. This was perfect timing really. I have been sleepwalking for the past couple weeks. I really have not recovered from the trip to NYC. I sleep like shit every night due to getting up to pee all the time and then it takes me like an hour to go back to sleep. Having this time off to be able to nap during the day has made a HUGE difference. HUGE. My babies come first and no matter what, I am listening to my body from here on out.

On a more fun and positive note, showering planning is in full swing!! How exciting! I never thought that i would actually be having a my very own baby shower! Actually.. three! One each triplet I like to think. They each get their own. when I find out what they are and we hae names.. I want to have like a cup cake or something with each of their names on it at one of the showers so that they know each of them were individually special to me from the very start. Gay I know. But I love my babies!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Worlds Worst Blogger!

omg.. I can't believe it's been almost 3 weeks since I've updated. I can only plead.... so busy I can't see straight.

As I bitched about before. Work is horrendous. Not that I shouldn't be able to fill 8 hours while I am there but there is no break for the 9 or so that I am there. I haven't taken a lunch hour more than twice since my best buddy left on April 4th. So I get there, I work from the time I sit down, through lunch (of course I eat - several times a day at my desk) and until the clock hits about 4:30-5:00. Sometimes I do leave a few early to get a break on the construction traffic that also has me sitting in the car an extra hour or so every day.

I know my boss is pissed. But even if I wasn't pregnant, I still would NOT be willing to work 14 hours a day right now. I just don't care enough and that's the bottom line. I don't like my job. I've been there for the IVF benefits for the last 14 months. And I'll stay there for the next 3 months till I go out on disability, maternity leave, and then FMLA. I have to bite my tounge on a daily basis to not say what I really want to say to my boss. My only hope is that in the 8 months or so total that I am gone, things change. But I will be looking for new job as soon as I am ready to go back to work.

Anyway.. enough time wasted on my job crap. I was also gone on vacation for 5 days. Jeff and I went to New York. We went to see the Tigers play the Yankees, did a broadway show, visited with my niece and Jeff's sister, went to see the progress at Ground Zero, and of course, shopped and ate at some fabulous New York places.

Another very awesome thing we did was to meet up with one of my favorite girls from the Nest board, Wannalil1, aka. Ann Marie. That was so great to meet her. Even though we only got to spend an hour with her, she was just as personable and fun as I imagined she would be. I know if we lived in the same city, we would totally hang out!

In other BIG news, my good friend TheSkimmy (aka. Kim) had her baby last Friday, May 2. Charlie is here! I am so mad he came when I was out of town. But I am looking forward to meeting him this weekend!

Last but not least... The triplets are still going strong. I had an ultrasound on April 29th before we left for vacation. All three little hearts were beating strong. This was also our last appointment with Dr. Abuzeid, our RE. We graduated to the OBGYN and Perinatologist. I see my new OB for the first time on Tuesday, May 13. I hope to have an ultrasound as at that point, it will have been 2 weeks since the last. I gotta be honest, it's making me sweat. What if? That's all I think. I HATE that I do think like that, but let's face it, TTC has been a shitty experience for me and 3 pregnancy losses later, I am what I am.

For now, I try to assume everything is ok. I have totally popped out already and am showing like crazy! For 10 weeks, it's just ridiculous. I have been in full on maternity clothes for the second week now. I look more like I am 15-18 weeks pregnant. Seriously.. if I am this big at 10 weeks, I shutter at what 15 or 20 is going to look like. I am still hungry like crazy. oh well.. I'll take it!