Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2 Months Old!!

So we had our two month check up yesterday. It went ok. And just ok. It was seriously chaos. We roll in there like a traveling freak show. Everyone stares and you hear the comments.. "look at that! THREE!!" Yes.. three.

The first strike we had going against us was that the appt was at 1:30. Well, as the timing fell that day, it was feeding time. So we got there with 3 hungry babies. They have to strip them all down for weights and measurements which the babies hate when they are not hungry and tired. Talk about screaming. We had to have one nurse doing the weighing and measuring, me and Jeff stripping them down and dressing them back up and two more nurses to help us feed them. I think we had half the office staff in that room with us. Yes.. I told you it was chaos.

Anyway.. the babies weighed in at:
Nate: 10 pounds 3 ounces
Ben: 8 pounds 11 ounces
Alex: 9 pounds 12 ounces

The Dr. was very happy with those weights.

The main point of the visit was to do the two month vaccination shots. We were really conflicted as to do the regular schedule or an alternative. We are really sensitive to these vaccinations as my sister has an autistic son and has some very strong opinions on the subject. So I promised I would proceed with caution. We did two shots. The HIB and.. of crap(save place I forget the name). We go back next month for a 3 month visit.

Now for the really fun part. Nate and Alex both had to have a stool sample test to see if they had this alleged slight milk allergy that Ben has. To get a sample, they had to stick q-tips in their little butts. Ok.. talk about opening the flood gates. Alex and Nate would NOT STOP POOPING. I went through 4 diapers each while we were there. Good lord! It was so nasty.

Turns out, Alex did test slight positive too. But because he is not screaming through his feeds like Ben, she doesn't see the need to put him on the Nutramigen formula. Nate was fine.

So Ben.. he is still screaming through his feeds. We were told to up his Zantac to four times a day and add Levsin drops for the pain. This should reduce the stomache spazems. We'll see. If we see no change by tomorrow.. Christmas Eve, they are going to call in Previcid. I have a feeling that is what will be happening tomorrow. Sigh.. he is no better. To listen to your child scream like this through eating is just to much for me to handle. I can't even feed him. I make Jeff do it.

On a more positive note.. Kim and Lisa came to baby sit for us last night. Me, Jeff, and my mom all got out of the house for a couple of hours. It was bliss! Me and Jeff went for sushi! My first since before the pregnancy! Then we went to BW3 and just sat and played trivia and drank beer for a couple hours. Again.. Bliss!

Love those ladies!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Worlds worst blogger or busiest new mom. You decide!

I can't believe how I have neglected my blog. I can only promise that it means I am not neglecting my new duties of mom to triplets.

This is Work. And with a capital W.

Things have been a little crazy in the Johnson house for the last couple weeks and not all for the best. Here it goes:


Well..on Dec. 3rd, we were changing his diaper and noticed a 'boil' or 'cyst' for lack of what to call it on his rectum. It was nasty looking. Like a pimple with a pussie head (sorry to gross you out). I rushed him to the pediatrician's office (where I had to wait and wait and get pissy with the staff, but that's another story) only to have a different Dr. come in and look at it and within 2 seconds told me I needed to rush Nate to the hospital to see a surgeon. Ok. What? You just made me wait an hour and a half to see someone when I explained what the issue was and the first thing you say is get to the hospital to see a surgeon? Um.. WTF?????????

Well.. turns out they couldn't find the surgeon so my pedi ended up lancing it in the office to send it out for a culture. I almost passed out watching them perform this procedure on my 6 week old infant. Not a great moment. So to make a long story short since I am a deadbeat blogger, Nate has an anal fistula that may need to be surgically removed. It has gone away twice but it's come back twice too. So if it's still there as of our next visit with the surgeon on Dec 30th, we'll schedule the surgery.

Other than that, he is a WONDERFUL baby. Happy.. sweet...smiling.. easy.. sleeps..eats..and as of Dec. 16th weighed in at 9lbs 14 ounces!! So I am sure he is over 10 pounds now! He is strong too. Always pushing with his feet and lifting his head up. He is truly a momma's boy! He is the quickest to calm to my voice. All I have to do is pick him up and say "momma's here" and boom. No more crying. It melts me every time that I have that effect on a child.


Ahh Ben. Here is where my life is really complicated. Ben has developed reflux and it's killing all of us. He's miserable. He had been congested for awhile and was having some trouble with his feeds but I thought it was due to the congestion and that he couldn't breathe through his nose as he ate. I let that go on for like 3 weeks. Then he got so impossible to feed, I couldn't take it anymore. My mom and I no longer wanted to feed him because we were all ending up in tears. So I finally broke down crying to my pediatrician that this was more than congestion. We brought him in and she did stick a tube up his nasal cavity to be sure it wasn't blocked which would have meant a sinus surgery. It's not. It's like a cold that we get. Thank god. Not that it makes it easier to hear. She also took a stool sample and it came back with a mild positive for milk allergy. Translation?

She is treating him aggressively for reflux and milk allergy. He is now on Zantac and we had to switch his formula to a hypo allergenic one. Oh.. and the kicker? It's $25 a can. And we still need to test the other two boys to be sure they do not have this same tendancy on the milk. If I have to put all three of them on this $25 a can formula, I am going to die. It will cost us like $500 a month to do so. That means I'll also be going dairy free to make sure they can still eat my breast milk. And.. this formula smells and tastes so bad I feel guilty for making him drink it. I will be feeding this child pizza and chicken nuggets till he is 18 to make up for it as soon as I can.

In the meantime, it is still heart breaking to hear him feed. Or cry. His cries are horse right now. I guess it can take a few days for the Zantac to work so we're hopeful anytime now. This just has to make him feel better. Some feeds he does ok and doesn't cry much. Others... ugh. But the good news is that he is eating that nasty formula and wiping out his bottles so I know he's hungry and not rejecting food.

On the good also.. he is gaining weight like wild fire so there is no failure to thrive in my future *crossing fingers*. He weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces on Dec. 16th. He has more than doubled his birth weight just like Nate! He is also smiling and doing his tummy time. I have to admit, we are more comforting to him than the other two boys and he ends up in bed with us alot more. I'll do whatever I have to to make him comfortable at this point. He was also the reason I bought a Moby wrap this week. So I can carry him around next to my heart and make sure he's ok.

Ah... the tears start again..


No drama here. Finally! He is still spitting and has had a few projectile vomitting incidences over the last two weeks but it's nothing that my pediatrician doesn't think is normal. We moved him and Nate to Gentlease formula. Hoping this lighter broken down formula is easier on their stomach. Again.. we still need to do the milk allergy test on them too. Alex is a great baby also! He is probably the best sleeper of the three. He goes down the easiest and sleeps the longest. He also loves to eat. Not quite as much as Nate, but dang close. He too, was over 9 and a half pounds at the weigh in and probably weighs 10 pounds now. But he carries it different. He's long and lean. My string bean!

One thing about Alex.. he's the loudest! Holy crap does this kid have lungs! When he's mad, the whole house knows it! But he too.. calms at my voice and melts into me. Have I mentioned I love being a mom? He's also probably the most alert of the three. Always looking.. always talking and making noise. Always smiling when prompted. Pushes off with his feet and we swear will be rolling soon! Scary thought!

Anyway.. that's the quick and dirty update. I must run. Someone is crying.

The boys get their 2 month shots tomorrow. Stay tuned for that post! Yikes!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Today is the triplets due date!!!!!

And they are 6 weeks old already. Holy crap. Where does the time go?

Here is what they are up to....

(more coming soon)

And.. I am a dead beat blogger once again. I was supposed to update this almost three weeks ago now. And when your days fly by like they are all 5 minutes long, alot can and has happened in three weeks so I am just going to leave this with a couple things.

The boys weights on their due date was perfect. Nate and Alex were both 8.5 pounds. Sure glad I didn't have to vaginally give birth to them! Even Ben was over 7 pounds. Perfect! They have really been doing great with weight gain. At least a half pound a week since birth!

I got the "all clear" from my OBGYN to resume normal life. And some of you can understand that that means I can have SEX again! YAHOOO!! It's been 9 long months since the IVF got started. I am kinda nervous! My whole body is different. Jeff tells me every day how much he loves me and that he thinks I am beautiful, but it's hard not to look in the mirror and be disgusted right now. I've never been a skinny mini but I've been fit and I've always managed to look decent in my clothes. I will never have a flat stomache again unless I have a tummy tuck. And I am worried I will have to buy all new clothes when I go back to work. Something I neither want to do nor can I really afford to do right now. My shoes don't even fit me right now! And sadly.. neither does my wedding ring.

I can only hope I am still "swollen" and these things will come back over time!