Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy 9 Month Birthday boys!

The loves of my life.. 9 months old today. Happy birthday boys!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hello old friend!

Wow.. ok so almost 3 months.. no.. over 3 months has gone by since I last update. I seriously have to plead major insanity. My life these last three months have been absolute chaos. Let's see.. here is the quick and dirty run down...

1. We bought a new house. Our old house was just to small. We loved it, but we were bursting at the seems and it was only going to get worse as the boys....and their toys.. get bigger and bigger. Our tiny living room couldn't hold more than the two jumperoos and swing we had in it much less have any space for the boys to start floor play. We all would have been in separate rooms! The Detroit housing market being what it is (down right horrible) we had some big decisions to make: Risk having to forclose on our current house to get the new house as there is no way we could hope to even remotely break even on our old house. Or.. stay there for an indefinite amount of time. We choose option #1. Our plan was to make double payments on both mortgages for the summer and pray pray pray our house sold as a short sale.. but then...

2. Two days after closing.. I got laid off from my job. It wasn't shocking to me at all, but seeing as how I had been asking my boss for an answer for months and was avoided.. ignored.. you name it. I was so pissed about how poorly it was handled. I'll say it now.. Mercer.. you are the worst fucking piece of shit company I have ever worked for. Or.. rather your management is a fucking joke and getting laid off was the best thing that ever happened to me.

3. We survived the move. omg. what utter chaos. We moved from a 1500 square foot house into a 3000 square foot house. You try to clean that and take care of 3 babies, 2 dogs, 1 mother, 1 husband, and the partridge in a pear tree. But.. we LOVE LOVE LOVE our new palace. It IS a palace to us. The house is about 30 years old and needs some cosmetic love but for the most part it was move in ready. Not only is the house enormous, but we have a 3 car garage and THE most beautiful lot that is just under an acre of flowering trees and preenials in a gorgeous upscale suburb North of Detroit. We feel no need to aspire to move anywhere except our retirement condo in Cancun!

4. My mom left. I was on my own finally with all three babies all day. Nough said.

5. I began to job search and go on interviews in my spare time.

6. I found a job! And I truly believe it is THE job. Where I will stay for the remainder of my career. There are so many wonderful things about my new company and job and only one negative: My commute sucks ass. My job is in Ann Arbor. ON a good day, it takes me 40 minutes. On a bad one.. over an hour. So why you ask did I take this job with 3 babies at home? Well.. for one thing, the company is virtually recession proof. Almost every big company in the country is a client. As is almost every health plan. Everyone needs us. Next.. I am doing what I did at my job two jobs ago and I loved it. I was good at it. Third.. in this horrible economy (and yes.. it is way worse in Detroit than anywhere) not only did I not have to take a pay cut, I got a raise. I was astounded. Last but not least, once I am trained, I will be able to work from home couple days a week and have all the flexibility one could ever want. How blessed am I?

7. Due to #6, we had to hire a nanny.. and a lawn service.. and a housekeeper... and you would think that with the way the economy is here that this would have been a snap right? Honestly, this could be 4 posts on it's own. Suffice to say it was a horribly frustrating experience, but we found a great one and she is working out fabulous so far!

So that has been what is going on with me and what I have been doing the past three months. Oh yeah.. I still haven't unpacked.

As for the babies.. where to begin? The last three months has changed my infants into almost toddlers! They are amazing. And happy. And loving. And beautiful. I see all these multiples coming to early and scaring their parents half to death lately and I get choked up. For them of course and their struggles, but how did I get so lucky? Really? How? I tend to think sometimes that my life has been a series of ridiculous struggle after ridiculous struggle. And I get really down. I think sense the infertility, things don't roll off me like they once did.

But I have three healthy beautiful boys that make all the other shit go away. How blessed am I?