Sunday, January 31, 2010

Because I needed something else to do...

Yes.. I've added something else to my weekly routine: I joined a gym.

Ugh.. I used to be in good shape. Used. Then infertility, a bunch of surgeries, a triplet pregnancy, trying to raise the triplets. I look like shit. I don't even recognize myself sometimes. I hate it. I've been toying with it for awhile now and this weekend, I took the plunge and did it. I decided not to join the fancy gym. It wasn't to expensive, but for what I want to do right now, the little gym was enough and it's waaay cheap! I just want to go, get on the eliptical or the treadmill and zone out to my Ipod or a magazine. I don't want to be bothered. My goal is 3 times a week for 45 minutes on the machine. I'm going to start slow. But I am so happy I did it!

And what was the incentive you ask? Everyone has one for joining a gym right? I have three. As I said above, I need to look like me again for my own good. 2nd, I have three boys and I want to be able to run with them, ride bikes with them, whitewater raft with them, go on rides at Disney with them. I want to do everything with them and not be ashamed to do it. And 3rd.. I'm going on a trip! YAHOO!!!!

My big excitement right now is that I am going to New Orleans in March! I am leaving the husband and the boys for the first time. Hell.. I am leaving the STATE OF MICHIGAN for the first time sine May of 2008 (how pathetic is that.. but I've been a bit busy). Anyway.. I am going to a get together for a Mom's of Multiples group I am part of. These girls are just the best. I've known some for quite awhile as they were part of my infertility chat board and due to the fertility treatments, some of us are mom's of multiples now. And other's, I've got to know in the past 7 months since this group started. I am so attached to them, I don't know what I would do without their daily support and understanding of raising our babies. There are 32 of us at last count spending a long weekend in the Big Easy. I've never been and I could NOT be more excited!

And what is going on with the boys this week? hum.. they are of course, still the BEST.

Benj is running like a mad man. He loves to make his mean face (puker lips, curl nose, and snarl!). He's so funny and he always laughs after. He's been saying "cat" (odd.. we have dogs!), "sad" (not sure why?) "cup" (probably cause Alex won't let him play with his cups!). He is still such a mama's boy. He literally melts into me when I pick him up. He has 3 molars now for a total of 11 teeth and the canines are peeking through!

Nate Nate is still my sweet angel babe. He's been having some sleep issues lately. Ben went through this back in November. I think it's the teeth. grr. But it has resulted in me being at work on like 3 hours of sleep 4 times in the last week! He has 2 molars and we think the others are going to pop any second. He has BIG news this week.. he's been saying A, B, C. non stop! Just the first three letters.. he doesn't go further yet. But all the time.. A.. B.. C.. so stinkin cute

Alex.. ahhh.. the X man. Everything this week is Yeah. Alex.. were you bad today? "Yeah". Alex... did you bite your brother? "yeah" to funny. His newest obsession is getting on the couch and running around it. His brothers are now getting into it too. yippee.. NOT. So seriously.. every night, we have "couch time" where we let them sit and crawl all over the couch (we have a big sectional so it's got a lot of room for all)

Last but not least... Mom and dad.. aside from the gym news and some sleepless nights, Mom (me) finished her hell week at work. My client was on site all week. It was tough on me.. and the boys. I did not get home before 7 every night. And later on the nights we had to take them out to dinner. I am still going to be swamped, but at least I can resume my prior schedule: work.. go home be mom.. turn computer on when babes are in bed. ugh... And dad.. finished the play room. Jeff did an AMAZING job on our spare room turning into triplet wonderland. Now, I just have to get the art for the walls and it can be photographed. Seriously.. our boys now have two huge areas.. one on each floor of our house to run and be wild! yeah!

I want to end my post by still requesting prayers for baby G. As humans.. we all have it in us to feel for a sick child. But this child is so adorable, (as is his twin brother) and his mom is just so nice and has so much on her plate: Baby G, his twin brother, and two other children at home and is spending countless weeks in a hospital far away from her other children and husband. And baby G gave us all two very big scares this week and I know all the prayers are helping him and his mother keep strong!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Playing Ketchup

Where or where does my time go? Every time I vow to take better care of this blog, I blow it. I just can't find the time. And right now, I am just got back from running an errand (more milk) and am scarfing down some food before the boys wake up from there nap. I have 15 mintues max. GO.

The holidays were nuts. The boys were all sicker than sick the week before Christmas. I had one of my "4 nighters" as I know refer to them. It seems that whenever all thee of my boys get sick, I do not sleep for 4 straight nights. That is about as long as it takes them to go from almost sick.. to sicker than sick.. to less sick... to.. just got cough up this last bit of snot... to finally they are so exhausted that they will sleep. 4 nights. It's always 4 nights. I do ok up through night 3. Night 4. I hit the wall and practically fall apart. I had to work during two of those 4 nights. That was fun. And the last one.. we had to get up to leave for an 8 hour drive to my mom's for Christmas. I let Jeff sleep and took the big offender or that night, Nathan, down to the living room to cry it out with me on the couch. Then left him there (in a pnp) and had to go fish Alex out. The only sleep I got that night was 90 minutes in the rocker with Alex on me.

Then there was the trip home. What. a. fucking. nightmare. My usually good travelers were so sick. They screamed about 5 of the 8 hours. And Alex was so upset at one point, he threw up all over himself, the car seat, the car.. we had to pull over on the highway so I could clean him up. We were both crying by that time. If it had been anything other than Christmas, we would have turned around.

Then.. once at my mom's, the weather was so bad that none of my family living more than 30 minutes away even could come home. It was SO bad.

We had a rather uneventful trip back thank god. We were happy to wash Christmas off of us this year.

Since Christmas, one word has taken over for me and Jeff: w.o.r.k. It's been really awful. Since New Years, I've worked an average of 55 hours a week. Weekends, evenings. And I'll be there a good 60 hours this week. And Jeff.. ugh. He's been traveling almost every week which leads me to single parenting at night. And.. on the weekends, he's been slaving away creating a play room paradise for the boys. But again.. as a result.. more single parenting. And there's now a 90% possibility he will be taking on a new project... in London. That will require him to be gone for a week to 2 weeks at a time probably 5 times this year. And that could start in the next week. But what do you say? Is his line of work.. you don't say no. There are thousands of unemployed automotive engineers. But they want him. They're promoting him. His job is on fire. SO.. he'll go and I'll shut up and try to juggle it somehow.

oh! the boys.. omg.. every day they amaze me. They are all walking and have been for gee... over a month now. I can't believe it! They are 15 months now. The sweetest, cutest things ever. They are still with our nanny, although.. she'll be leaving us in a few months when her semester is over at school so we have to figure out what we'll do AGAIN for childcare. We also just started Kindermusic classes and are have been doing lots of play dates and have a play date every weekend for the next few weeks. We/I am looking forward to hosting a group of my mom's of multiples at our house for a Valentine party in a few weeks. We have a great group of us that have become really great friends so I can't wait! It is sooo nice to have a group of friends who are in the exact same situation you are and understands the demands of raising multiples, working.. all of it. They don't pass judgement or expect the unrealistic from me either.

Last but not least.. as I hear a boy talking upstairs.. Please pray for baby G again. I cannot stress to you enough how badly this little man needs every prayer he can get. Besides my own children, I worry for him like I am his mother. I pray for him night and day. He and his family have had an awful time lately and things are very critical. Please.. light a candle, say a prayer. Something.