Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us!!

Wow.. 3 years ago today, we got married!

I can't believe how much things have changed in these three years. It really is mind blowing. And even how much they have changed since last year. Last Thanksgiving, we were technically supposed to be going to the UP to spend the holiday with my family but we had to cancel due to our first IVF schedule. I couldn't leave town. That whole week as a cluster F*ck. That cycle was a cluster f*ck.

And look at us now! 3 years, and 3 babies later. Who would have thought? Here's a wedding pic for fun!

As luck would have it, today is also Thanksgiving! Originally, our wedding was the Sunday after Thanksgiving, but we knew our anniversary would fall on the holiday quite often over the years. At least I know I'll be getting a big dinner and champagne! My sister and her husband and two kids are coming over today. That's it. Oh wait.. Jeff's aunts are supposed to stop by also. So there will be company.

Have I mentioned that I did not sleep last night? The babies kept me up all night. It was one of those nights where they were tag teaming. One would go down, another would get up. Finally after the 6am feeding, I did my feeding and handed the torch to my mom so I could seep for about 3 hours. I think I got three hours. I am hoping to get some more zzz's after the 1pm feeding before the company comes. But hey, at least I showered and washed my hair! I am ok with falling asleep in my turkey. That's what this day is about right? Food and sleep?!?!

Anyway.. the babies are doing FABULOUS. They were weighed by the home nurses on Tuesday and came in at:
Nate: 8 pounds even
Alex: 7 pounds 12 ounces
Ben: 6 pounds 6 ounces

AMAZING!! They are also out of preemie clothes! My due date is Dec. 2 so they are right on track! BIG BOYS!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

4 weeks old!!

WOW.. how the time flies. I just cannot believe the boys are already 4 weeks old! And I have become a deadbeat blogger!

I have NO time. Ever. We are still feeding the boys every three hours. It takes at least one hour to do this. And if someone is fussy or not feeling like going back down to sleep, it can take alot longer than that! So it's a constant rotation of sleeping, changing and feeding. And whoever is the dope that said "sleep when they sleep" obviously did not have triplets. After each feeding, I pump. After I pump, there are a myriad of things to do. Such as: shower, eat, clean, laundry, run an errand, take the dogs out.. and god forbid if I have to leave the house. It's an event now.

We had the visiting nurses come this morning to do weights and measurements. My pediatrician suggested we try to get this done this way as opposed to having to bring all three out to the Dr's and pay $20 copay for each boy just to get them weighed. Which they have to be due to their preemie hood. And drum roll please.. today the boys weighed:

Nate: 7 pounds 3 ounces
Alex: 6 pounds 14 ounces
Ben: 5 pounds 11 ounces

They have all gained almost 2 pounds since birth! They finally weigh as much as normal babies almost!! It's funny because they are starting to feel huge to me since they were SOOOO tiny when I had them and brought them home. Remember, Nate and Alex were barely 5 pounds and Ben 3 pounds 10 ounces when they sent them home! So a 7 pound baby!!?!?!?! WOW..... I am so thrilled!

One thing we are not thrilled with is that the boys were denied for Synagis shots. The RSV shots. Unreal how they can deny 33 week birth triplets. But apparantly since my husband and I are smart enough to NOT smoke a pack a day in the house, they are to healthy. Good lord.

The boys are definitely developing personalities too. As certainly noticeable in their sleeping!

Alex is soooo layed back. Also known as the A- man, Alexander the Great! He sleeps, he hardly cries.. he's alert, he's a total sweetie. His only issue at all is that he spits alot while feeding. It had me worried a bit that he may have some reflux issues but the Dr. says no. It's normal. I know I know... but I worry! And he's CUTE. oh boy.. soooo cute! He is a dream baby!

Nate is demanding. Also known as Nate-Dog. Natey. He eats like a dream. Takes his whole bottle and doesn't spit at all! Soooo easy to feed. But when he wants to be fed? Or when he doesn't feel like being in the crib? Watch out! He will let you know. He is the total stereo type baby that when you pick him up, he completely stops crying. Take him in bed with me? stops crying! Sleeps like a dream! He is also alert and loves to look around. Mostly though.. he loves to hear my voice. When I talk, he is in a trance and calms down. I am his mommy for sure!

Ben, AKA.. Benjamin Buttons, Benjamin Bunny, Benjamin-jamin. Small by mighty! He eats really great to but is the middle of Nate and Alex. Doesn't spit as much as Alex, but not as clean as Nate. Somewhere in the middle. Also just like his identical twin, Nate.. when he wants to be picked up or out of that crib, you know it! He is very vocal! But Soooo alert for a little guy! He sleeps almost as good as Alex and better than Nate. He is quickly gaining on his brothers in weight and it's so funny to see how much he is really starting to look like Nate!

So I need to get some pictures up. Jeff is gone for work now but they are coming soon!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tribute to the NICU

Some shots of us in the NICU. They were even decking them out for Halloween!

Anyway.. I always knew from the start of my pregnancy that my babies would end up in the NICU. It's a scary thought. No one wants their child to start life like that. But with triplets, prematurity is inevitable and thus, the NICU is as well.

As I posted before, I did not get to see my babies until they were 32 hours old. I was horribly upset about it but knew there was nothing I could do. As much as I wanted to see them, I was way to sick to even try. When I was finally rolled into the NICU that Tuesday night, I was of course, over come by the emotion of seeing them for the first time, but also finally relieved that I knew they were in a fantastic place. Even though my babies were only in there for 8 days. I really loved going to the NICU to see them.

I am sure it's the case with all NICU's or at least, I hope it is. It was just such a calming and serene environment. I felt safe and taken care of in there!! The lighting, the sounds, everything. The nurses who took care of my babies were seriously angels on a mission. I would just sit back and watch them not only with my babies, but with all of them and I am now convinced there is no more noble job in the world as to care for these sick infants. To be there life line and love when their parents are not there. Talk about having to put trust in people? I trust my husband with my life and these women ran a close second.

One experience I had in there second night I was there (babies were 2 days old) is something I will probably never forget and will forever remind me of how blessed we have been:

Our hospital is huge. The biggest in the state. They divide their NICU up into pods A - F. A being the least sick babies who are mainly there just for a quick observation trip and F being the most severe and critical cases. Each pod can house about 10-12 babies at once. My boys spent their time in pod B. While we were there, my 3 boys occupied the isolettes on one whole outside wall of the pod. Directly across from them was a little girl in an isolette. I knew she was girl due to all the pink blankets, clothes and little toys surrounding her in her isolette. I went to the NICU 2-3 times a day so I kept seeing the mother of this baby girl. She was a very pretty middle eastern looking girl about my age. And she looked completely run down. Torn up.. you name it. Of course, I was two days post surgery and looking big bloated, and in my hospital gown finery. That second full day up there, she spoke to me.

Are those your triplet boys? She asked me. I went over and said yes.. they sure are. She asked me how long I carried them and I told her 33 weeks, 6 days. She asked me about their health and I proudly bragged that they were all doing so well and how blessed we were because of it.

I asked about her daughter and how long she'd been in. She then told me that this baby girl had been in the NICU for a total of 10 weeks and counting. But they were encouraged as she had just been moved to the B pod. She also told me that this baby girl was also a triplet and the only one of her triplets that survived. Hers were born at 26 weeks and the other two were still born. She told me how lucky I was.

I could hardly choke out the words I was happy for her that their baby was doing so well and how beautiful she was. I had to leave the conversation. I ran into the pumping room and just burst into tears. I couldn't believe I just sat there saying how lucky I was to this poor women who was sitting there trying to keep her last triplet alive. The next day, the baby moved to the other side of the pod.

I know I had no way of knowing that women's situation, but it sure did remind me how lucky we are. And more importantly, it takes a special kind of person to be a NICU parent. Not the kind I was lucky enough to be: a short timer. But to be a NICU parent who has to dedicate months to that trip up to the hospital two times a day or so for an indefinite amount of time. It's all so beautiful and sad at the same time.

Even though we were only there a short time, a couple nurses asked me if I would be interested in being a NICU parent liason. That is, I will be a support/ coach to new NICU parents if I choose to do it. I really hope things calm down for me here at home cause I think this is something I really want to do. I just think these people are angels on earth and the parents who are in for the long haul might need someone like me to come cry with them or feed with them or whatever.