Monday, March 22, 2010

NOLA and 17 months!

There has been some fun lately! I went to New Orleans!!!

I've been a part of a public message/chat board for several years now dating back to my wedding planning days. Once I became pregnant with the boys, I started chatting and asking questions on a multiples chat board. Last spring, some strange things were happening a couple of the girls decided we needed more privacy. So they, weeded through the board and invited certain people to be a part of the private board. I am so happy I accepted! I really couldn't have imagined what this board would become to me. It's women from all over the country and not only do I get amazing advice from women who have been and are in my situation with multiples, but it's support, friendship, and camaraderie like you can't imagine. They understand. They don't judge. Really.. it's the best.

We joke that it's our own little "Fight Club' We now affectionately refer to ourselves as the MoMfia.

So.. The MoMfia had it's first ever national get together. What does stink for me is that there is really no one else on the board who is local and there are several areas of the country were many of the women live so they can see each other regularly. But this was for all of us. It was so exciting since I've "known" some of them for years. But still.. I was nervous arriving alone and meeting them for the first time!

But it was just like I thought it would be! When my cab dropped me off, I was met at the door with screams and open arms by two of my oldest and dearest friends from the group. And it felt like "home". There was no awkwardness at all! When I decided to go, one of my friends immediately said that I would be in her room. So I ended up with the NY/NJ girls! (and one hottie from PA). I had to laugh, I think I came home with a slight Jersey accent. LOL

We had the best time. 31 of us stayed in a big old victorian house just a block from the French Quarter. We ate in all the famous restaurants, went on a swamp tour (I held an alligator!), went on a haunted house tour, drank to many hurricanes, ate too many beingets, stayed out too late, danced too much, and stayed up waaaay to late talking like we were at a high school slumber party! I felt almost 21 again! Almost!

I had the best time and can't thank all the girls enough for their friendship and support. Can't wait till 2011!!

And those boys... who could forget!?!? They were 17 months on Saturday. wow... just wow. They are getting hair! I said to Jeff.. I can't call Alex a baldie anymore! He really has hair! LOL For their 17 month birthday, we celebrated by basically buying them a new wardrobe for summer and 3 new pairs of shoes each. These little monkeys are expensive! But they will be well dressed this summer! Also for their birthday today.. we all got to go to the DR. and get antibiotics and breathing treatments. We are all sick again. And this time, I am knock me out wanna die sick. I haven't been hit this hard for awhile. I even missed work today

But.. looking forward to Easter and grandma Judy's visit. We're having my family over for Easter Sunday dinner and I can't wait to host. The Easter gifts are all bought and the baskets are ready to be stuffed. Or.. overstuffed. I've gone a bit nuts. Pictures to come!


So it's been a month again. BAD blogger! Well.. my life has sort of been in a tailspin the last month and boy time just slips sometimes. The boys were sick the pretty much the entire first two weeks of March. And instead of them all being sick at once, it went in a cycle. First Ben, then Nate, then Alex and repeat Nate and Alex. Oh.. and throw me and Jeff in there too. Translation? I didn't sleep more than a 2 hour stretch for almost 2 weeks. It was brutal. The highlight was Alex's trip to the ER with what I was sure was going to be pneumonia. He sounded AWFUL. Seriously awful. The rattle of his breathing was so scary. But after several hours in the ER and a couple breathing treatments later, we narrowly escaped admission and were sent home with our very own nebulizer. Nate was also the lucky recipient of these treatments beginning the next day.

I think the worst part is going to work and trying to be functional like this for an extended stretch. Not to mention my commute. And there has been just sooo many things going on. Jeff's been traveling or working late alot. I have felt like every minute of my days and nights have been consumed lately. The boys, work, Jeff, the house, the dogs.. oh.. and interviewing nannies, phone screens, reading add responses. That's what I've been doing in my spare time. I've found that even minor chores like paying the bills were slipping. To sum it up.. I'm overwhelmed a lot these days. But what could go? nothing. Really. Nothing.