Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012, Good Bye Carbs...

I am sitting at my computer doing two things:
1. stalling taking the decorations off the Christmas Trees. Yes.. plural. Trees.
2. Eating my last carbs for the forseeable future. Tortilla chips and dip.

Jeff and I started the no carb diet in the beginning of October and in 6 weeks, we had both lost over 10 pounds. Of course both of us were like... what in the sam hell were we thinking giving up carbs when it's our boys birthday, Halloween, Cider and donut season at the Cider mills in Michigan! Hello!!! Idiots!! But.. we did it anyway. We did, however, decide to stop it between Thanksgiving and the New Year. So tomorrow.. we're back. And today, I was back at the gym.

I'll be honest. I want to lose 25 more pounds. And when I do.. I'm doing it. Plastic surgery baby. Tummy tuck, here I come. It will either be this summer or next. Not sure yet. But I'm ready to get my body back. I am REALLY ready to feel good about myself again.

Carbs... I won't miss you. I really won't!

So we rang in the New Year at a wedding this year. Our former nanny got married. She was a great nanny and is clearly close with her new family, but I couldn't help but think, we had a great nanny in her, but we have a fan-fucking-tastic nanny in our new one.

We got home just at midnight to ring in the new year with my mom. We finally hit the sack at about 1ish. And then it started: Kids.. up.crying.all.fucking.night. I think Jeff and I may have slept two broken hours each. We were MISERABLE all day. And of course, we had big dinner party plans at his aunts house. We pulled it together and went and let the boys run wild.

The boys are awesome.

Alex has this new thing where he says he wants to read ME the good night story! He loves to read me the Grinch and Jingle Bells. Of course, it's really just telling me what is going on in the pictures, but it is the cutest damn thing and he's actually pretty good at it!

Nates latest cuteness started the night we went to the Toledo Zoo to see The Lights Before Christmas. It was gorgeous! Nater wasn't feeling the best that day but we decided to go. He was a little upset during our stay and cried a couple times. Each time he would cry, he would say "Mama.. please wipe my tears.. they're cold". Omg.. melt. And since then, he has kept asking me to wipe his tears when he cries. Of course my baby. I will ALWAYS wipe your tears!

Ben.. ahhhh Ben. My sweet Ben. He's well.. not so sweet right now. He's come into his 3's with a vengence these past couple of weeks. And he's sneaky about it too. I think since he's spent the least amount of time in time out, he thinks he's above it for some reason. I'll tell him to go and he'll say "no.. I don't need to". Mmmmkay. Thanks. Yes you do!

They're all stinkers.

Tomorrow school is back. Amen.
Tomorrow, work is back. Shit.

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