Saturday, February 18, 2012

I spoke to soon

I said January was the sick month? HA OMG. No.. omF'ing GOD. That about covers it. It's been another freakin miserable month. This time, RSV. Again. And I got so sick.. omg.. sick. These last 10 days have been a fog. Seriously. I have like no memory of them as I have one night with a stretch of 6 hours straight of sleep in the last 3 weeks. Maybe more.

No one tells you about these things before you have kids. No one talks about the fun it is when they get sick. I guess I'm glad about that cause I'm not sure if I would have wanted kids! LOL But I really have to say, I honestly believe I do have it worse than most people with kids. I know.. that's a bold statement, but I do and there's nothing anyone can change my mind about that right now.

Let me explain.

First.. sick kids suck. This IS a fact. Whether they are 3 months, 3 years or 13. I am sure they all suck. But 3 year olds suck big time. They are not quite.. they are o.. so close.. but not quite able to tell you exactly where it hurts. First.. I'll say.. does your ear hurt? Yes. Does your head hurt? Yes. Does your left toe hurt? Yes. Does your wee wee hurt? Yes. You get the drift. It ALL hurts.
So I still don't exactly know how sick they really are unless.. they get really fucking sick and it's obvious. Which.. they did. Nate narrowly escaped hospitalization on Monday night.

Second.. I have two kids who've been diagnosed with Asthma. So when they get a cold, they get it bad. Really bad. We've had fevers, ear infections, vommitting, and last but not least, that fucking nebulizer.. it's so loud.. but I don't even hear it anymore. It runs 24-7. In fact.. it started to conk out the other day until I threw it on the floor and it started working again. So guess what I'll be doing on Monday? Hauling my ass as fast I as I can go to the nearest DME vendor for another one. And we really need another one anyway. Do you know how much of your day is eaten up when you have 3 kids who need to be nebulized 4 times a day with one nebulizer?

Third... I have 3 kids who are the same age. No.. you two kids who are 1.5 years apart are not "almost twins" or your 3 kids under 3 are not "almost triplets". They're not. They have the same basic needs, but not the same needs. And even if you are reading this with triplets or quads.. you don't have the three head strong.. OCD.. sassying.. rough and tumble boys I have. They are I.N.S.A.N.E right now. I mean insane.

Fourth... I have 3 kids who are bad sleepers when they are not sick let alone when they are. I am lucky if I get one or two stretches of two consecutive hours of sleep. And this is how I live my days. with no more than 4 hours of sleep.

And this brings me to 5...

I have to go to work. So I'm gone 7am - 5:30pm. And I have to think while I'm there. A lot. It's hard.

And I'm tired.

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