Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Best layed plans..

So much for my new years resolution to update the blog more often. Yes.. I suck. I really do *think* about updating the blog at least 2 or 3 times a week. That has to count for something, right? I have to laugh.. when I do think to update it, it's always at work when I should be... well.. working. I find my mind will wander and think.. gee.. I'd love to write about xyz on the blog! But alas... blogs are blocked at work. No go. Then I think.. yep.. tonight is the night! I am going to update the blog. And I forget... until I am at work again.

Things are crazy as usual. I have realized I no longer say "when things calm down" because I really don't see that they will in the near future. Our house is continuous chaos. Every week is a sprint to the weekend when hopefully I can slip a nap in somewhere or cross something off my to do list that usually involves the house.

The boys.. oh those boys. GOD they are changing! The language that is going on in my house is just pure amazing. Everyday... there is something new. Every time an airplane flies overhead, all three stop and yell "AIRPLANE!!!!". Jeff even has them going "da plane! da plane!" his very own little Tatoo's! When we ride down the road, there is "what's that?" "tree", "truck", "big truck" and on Sunday, we rode by a church and Alex said "look momma! A castle!" and then on our way to meet friends at a playground he said "look! A farm!" We just sit back and wonder.. where does he come up with this stuff?

And Ben? BEN... came up to me TWICE on Sunday and said "I pooped" OMG... love it.

Nate? He is in this phase where "it hurts", "mommy... help". I am happy to kiss any and all boo boos he has.

Today was monumental for another reason: For the first time, Alex asked to go potty on the potty chair with out being prompted! He did it! And then we turned around to see Nate pee'ing on the floor! oh well.. we can't win them all. But it's a start.

The boys continue to amaze me daily. Things are getting a bit easier. Taking them places is really getting to be fun. It helps that I have some amazing MoM friends to make it easier. We hang mostly with a couple sets of twins and another set of triplet boys. This weekend, we saw our other favorite set of triplets both Saturday and Sunday. And our twin friends on Sunday too! It helps that I love their mom's and the adults get to play while the kids play.

It's going to be a great summer!

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